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What You REALLY Must Know About Dianabol

Dianabol is the trade name for an anabolic steroid known as methandrostenolone. While you’ll find many anabolic steroids on the market, this one remains a heavy favorite for anyone lifting weights: from bodybuilders to those living in their local gym, to strength training athletes and so on.
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With its success as a performance enhancement, it’s one that has lived up to its purpose since its creation. You won’t need much of this steroid to gain the powerful effects it can have on your body and its anabolic processes. It also has other names from which to identify it as the correct steroid, such as metandienone and methandienone.

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Where did it Come From?

Dianabol was developed in Germany. Adolf Butenandt, a chemist, in 1931, was the first to accomplish the practice of isolating and extracting androstenone from urine. Another German chemist, Leopold Ruzicka, helped Butenandt’s research along by creating the practice of synthesizing these hormones into an effective compound.

By 1935, they were able to place their first synthetic testosterone products on the market through their successful formula they’d discovered. With this amazing feat, these two chemists were given the Nobel Prize for their developments in 1939. Their success was felt most in the Soviet Union, or modern day Russia.

Dianabol’s Explosive Results

The Soviet Union actually used these synthetic hormones to help their athletes crush their competition in the Olympic games in the 1940s and 1950s. This form of boosting an athlete’s performance was highly upsetting for the United States as they presented the most competition against the Soviet Union in the Olympic Games.

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In response to the Soviet Union’s use of these synthetic testosterone supplements, the United States took steps to fight against this practice by fighting fire with fire. They sought help from Ciba Pharmaceuticals to build their own version of D-bol, or methandrostenolone, so they could use it for the US Olympic Team.

Ciba proved successful in 1960 and the Olympic team that year for the US received their first taste of this steroid while under the care of their physician, John Ziegler. Thanks to the great push for this steroid, in response to the Soviet Union’s use of it, Dianabol was the second steroid created on the open market for use by athletes. As time roared through the 1960s and 1970s, Dianabol enjoyed high popularity rates as many variations and forms of the synthetic hormone was made available on a widespread basis.

Despite the number of other anabolic steroids that have flamed from our history, Dianabol has been given the staying power few have enjoyed for its high success in building up performances for athletes and other individuals. Since it’s synthetic testosterone, it’s highly recommended for men instead of women since it causes masculine side effects like most other anabolic steroids, for that matter.

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Dianabol and Bodybuilding

Dianabol, also known as dbol, d-bol, or danabol in the bodybuilding community, is a highly popular anabolic steroid because of its powerful effects when it comes to performance enhancement and muscle building properties. Many athletes and bodybuilders have found enormous success in building bulk and muscle mass to their overall physique by working out on a d-bol cycle, which usually lasts up to 4 or 6 weeks with an absolute maximum of an 8 week time period.

Paired with proteins and carbohydrates, this supplement has tremendous abilities of weight gain, reaching upwards of 20 pounds or more within the cycle of taking it. Several bodybuilders have found that some of this weight gain can be from water retention, which can be countered by taking dianabol and aromatase inhibitors at the same time.

Stamina and Performance Enhancing

The most popular form of this steroid is in an oral tablet form, or Dbol, because of its overall power compared to other variations of the synthetic testosterone. Many bodybuilders will stack this steroid with others to gain more results, which is completely doable with dianabol because of its short half-life compared to other steroids.

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With this, they’ll also use the dianabol cutting phase to help preserve their newfound power and strength from the cycle they’d just completed, sometimes continuing use of this steroid for upwards of 12 weeks compared to 8. As bodybuilders and athletes alike continue training with the use of this steroid, they can expect to use a higher dosage of 20mg up from the recommended 10mg because the higher one allows for faster results.

Dianabol’s Effects and Real World Amazing Results

Weight, strength, and mass gain are the main effects based on the use of Dianabol and its variations. This is especially important in the athletic world because it provides an edge to that athlete’s performance that wasn’t necessarily there before its use, as witnessed in the Olympics between the Soviets and the United States. Since it can be stacked with other anabolic steroids, dianabol can assist those other steroids in achieving even greater results based on the desires and objectives (maintenance, competition…) of the athlete.

When going through the cycling phases of dianabol usage, it’s highly recommended for bodybuilders and athletes to have blood work completed for a full blood panel because of the possible side effects from using this steroid over long periods of time. It’s also to ensure there aren’t any preexisting conditions that would prevent an athlete from using the steroid. It’s also recommended that other supplements be taken with this steroid in order to protect one’s liver.

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Most cycles are started as a way breaking through slowing effects of growth and gains in mass and weight. With the right cycle of dianabol used, athletes and bodybuilders can see faster results and greater results within a short amount of time. During this time, they can also be focusing on cutting, or emphasizing and toning their strength they’ve gained, in order to keep themselves going without losing that strength.

Dianabol’s Side Effects – Is it Worth it?

Considered a strong estrogenic steroid, this steroid has many side effects based on conversion levels of estrogen within the athlete’s body. This can lead to:
Gynecomastia, or enhancement of male breast tissue;
• As mentioned earlier, water retention is another possibility, which can also lead to;
High blood pressure;
Cardiovascular problems are possible because of the above;
• As well as an increase in LDL cholesterol while suppressing HDL cholesterol levels;
• LDLs can clog arteries and veins, leading to clotting and possible cardiac arrests.
This is the opposite of what you want to happen!
Also, because an athlete is injecting or ingesting dianabol, he can find himself with less natural testosterone in his system, which can result in low testosterone levels that are problematic for the athlete.

To counteract this, he’ll need to take an exogenous form of testosterone until the dianabol cycle is complete. As the two leave the athlete’s system, there should be normal production with new testosterone in his system.
Liver damage is another possibility because this steroid, like other anabolic steroids, can put some stress upon the liver. This can be worsened by adding alcohol to the mix, making the liver work that much harder to break down these chemicals into enzymes where they’re used or eliminated from the body.

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It’s also a good idea to avoid using over the counter medications since they can also cause liver damage when used in conjunction with this steroid.
Women are discouraged from taking this steroid due to its overall effects to make them seem more masculine. Hair growth on the face and even chest, deepening voice, and other issues can arise making them uncomfortable. While the chance is fairly low, there’s less risk with other steroids compared to dianabol for female athletes to use.

Dianabol, the Law, and You — Why Dianabol is Illegal in the US

Dianabol is illegal in the United States and other countries, mainly because of its possible side effects. Just like any other anabolic steroid, it can be abused, and that can lead to dire consequences, such as roid rage and other health problems, like those mentioned before, especially in men with preexisting conditions.

The only way one can legally obtain steroids of this magnitude is through a doctor’s prescription, because of these qualities and traits.
In the United States, Dianabol has been placed in the Schedule III category because of the effects and the restrictions and regulations the United States deemed necessary for these synthetic hormones. This includes all forms of Dianabol: pills, injections, and supplements.

This leaves those which want to buy Dianabol online today with 2 big problems:
1 – Dianabol’s potentially serious side effects – I mean, you want to increase your  perfomance and results, not your harm your health, isn’t that right?
2 – To be legal, you’ll be needing a prescription to buy Dianabol. Otherwise, you can get into  serious problems, such as having your bank flagging your transaction as a potential fraud  case, put a hold on your account, and you having the fraud department go through your  whole account history! Yes, this really happens!
Also, If you buy it from a country where it is legal, into a country where it isn’t, like the USA,  you may find the DEA knocking at your door! Again, this has happened.
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