Deca-Durabolin, Nandrolone, and Bodybuilding

What is Deca-Durabolin and Nandrolone?

The Deca-Durabolin is a Nandrolone based steroid attached to a Decanoate ester with immense power because of its intrinsic properties. There are many Nandrolone forms however, the most common form among users of anabolic steroids is Nandrolone-Decanoate and it’s in the form known as Deca-Durabolin. Deca-durabolin image  Deca-Derabolin is the most associated compound as it’s the brand name Organon gave its product. Being that Organon is one of the oldest and most respected pharmaceutical company, all Nandrolone-Decanoate are commonly referred to as Deca-Durabolin. To best understand this hormonal compound, we need to understand “Nandrolone” the active hormone, mode of action and how long ester Decanoate affects its release. By understanding both aspects we can best understand its benefits, how the body is affected by it and how best to supplement its use.

Based on the hormone Nandrolone, Deca-Durabolin is a 19-nor anabolic steroid which is a hormone naturally found in the human body, although in smaller quantities when compared with other steroidal hormones in a similar class e.g. testosterone. Nandrolone is mostly responsible for growth within the body as it’s evidently synthesized to treat severe anemia cases.

Also, by supplementing with Deca-Durabolin we constantly increase the amount of Nandrolone in our body-system also leading to increase in the growth of muscle tissue, as well as increased hemoglobin and red-blood cell count and nitrogen retention; which further leads to muscle tissue growth and regeneration. Nandrolone is a powerful anabolic that doesn’t convert to estrogen to a high-degree as many anabolic steroidal hormones, but some conversion does exist.

Even as Deca-Durabolin is a Nandrolone attached to the Decanoate-ester it is a slow acting steroid but with long lasting effects. This steroidal compound has a very long half-life of approximately 15 days; and this as long a half-life an anabolic steroid will ever have with only Un-Decanoate ester based steroids being any longer. Since Deca-Durabolin is a long ester based steroid, the active hormone won’t bring forth noticeable action for 4-weeks approximately after initial administration however because it’s a long ester based hormonal compound its effect will stretch far beyond the discontinuation of use.

The Benefits of Deca-Durabolin

The Benefits of Deca-Durabolin are very simple, however this is a very powerful anabolic and they are very noticeable. Understanding what Nandrolone does, and the benefits of Deca-Durabolin, should be fairly simple as it increases muscle mass and strength. Although these are the two most resulting effects there’s the added benefit of joint-relief by means of a secondary nature. For this reason, many athletes supplement with Deca-Durabolin even when not in a gaining-phase in order to obtain such relief.

To give an illustration of how powerful this hormone is a small therapeutic dose can result in large weight increase by increasing lean mass which is achieved as a result of its nitrogen retention abilities. Individuals supplementing with Deca-Durabolin will notice that their muscle tissue holds a greater amount of nitrogen than when it’s not used; as we understand that being in a state of positive nitrogen retention is very anabolic.

This state can lead to a vast but slow increase in muscle tissue and although this can lead to mass, coupled with an increase in collagen synthesis we observe a nice build-up in strength as well. The effect Nandrolone has on the production of IGF 1 is also of importance. A very powerful anabolic hormone belonging to the peptide class. While these potent anabolic properties are very apt towards mass building and strength increase, they prove their action to readily promote greater metabolic rate; which means we are able to build a larger, leaner and more powerful physique; as we’ve seen, Nandrolone is an amazing hormone.

The Side Effects of Deca-Durabolin

Every steroidal hormone has possible negative side-effects, as all medications, steroidal and non-steroidal alike; Deca-Durabolin is no exception. The most prominent side effect is testosterone suppression; still all anabolic steroids will suppress natural testosterone formation to one degree or another. Deca Durabolin will do so in a more pronounced manner. One dose of Nandrolone will result in complete suppression of testosterone, even a low dose will have this effect. For this reason, it’s very important to supplement with testosterone when we supplement with Deca Durabolin as failure to do so will leave the body completely deficient of testosterone. Most will find a 2:1 ratio of Test:Deca to be sufficient, yet for some the need for testosterone to be slightly higher will prove to be a reality.

Since this hormonal compound does not aromatize to a high-degree some aromatizing effects associated with anabolic steroids can occur; while this is mostly dose dependent sensitivity also comes into play. Furthermore, when used for the purpose of enhancing performance these effects will most likely be a reality as the dose will necessarily be higher than a simple therapeutic use so as to achieve a desired end result. Also, being that Deca-Durabolin is a progestin it will most likely raise progesterone levels in the body, coupled with a slight aromatase effect this may lead to Gynecomastia and excess retention of water most commonly although this can easily be alleviated with the use of a quality aromatase-inhibitor such as Arimidex or Letrozole.

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Is Deca-Durabolin The Same as Durabolin?

As we now understand Deca-Durabolin is simply a Nandrolone with the Decanoate-ester attached, and there are many Nandrolone based steroidal compounds. While Deca Durabolin is the most popular and common form, Durabolin is a close second, especially in recent times. Durabolin is simply a Nandrolone hormone linked to the Phenylpropionate ester; which is a much shorter ester, thereby bringing fast benefit although not long lasting. The method of action regarding the Nandrolone hormone does not change despite the form being used; the only difference is the ester.

Irrespective of which form used, for each 100 mg applied, notwithstanding, Durabolin will provide more active Nandrolone per mg than Deca-Durabolin because the total mass of the Phenylpropionate ester is less than that of the Decanoate ester. However, the difference is slight and meaningless and the same benefits would be obtained regardless of which form used, as the same active hormone is present in both. This is very much important because over the years many misconceptions have led many individuals to believe both compounds differ greatly when the reverse is the case. Nevertheless, we admit there’s a slight difference as Durabolin, or NPP as it is commonly called, seems to have less water retention than its sister compound Deca-Durabolin.

Deca-Durabolin Cycles & Doses

Because it’s good for increased strength and size, most individuals use Deca-Durabolin during a bulking cycle; furthermore, as retention of water can be a problem when this steroid is in use this makes the period of bulking or gaining the optimal time for its usage. However, as discussed, excess water retention may be controlled by the use of quality aromatase-inhibitor and as a result, many competitive body-builders include Deca-Durabolin in their prep cycles as it’s a powerful anabolic.

In most cases this is done during the front end of the contest prep-cycle in an attempt to conserve muscle tissue and hold on to strength. Nonetheless, many will run low dose of the steroid through the entire length of their contest prep so as to maintain joint comfort as discomfort may become very serious when body fat level drops to a very low level.

For a majority, bulking will be the actual mode of use and as this is slow to act but a long-lasting steroid and since it is generally well-tolerated by most users, essential use extends to several months for benefits to be enjoyed. Generally, Deca-Durabolin needs to be administered for at least 8-weeks with 12-weeks being optimal and 16-weeks being safe and highly effective for most users. Shorter duration has proved to be useless as it will take a good 4-weeks for the active benefits to manifest making 4-6 week use of the compound utterly useless. Most will find a dose of 200 mg per week to be the minimum dose to obtain benefits associated with growth however a mere 100 mg per week is often all that is used if joint-relief is of primary concern. While 200 mg is enough to incite growth most will find 400 mg a week for approximately 12-weeks to be a perfect dose and time frame for the use of Deca-Durabolin.

Bear in mind, users must take enough testosterone with Deca-Durabolin to ensure enough active testosterone flows in the body. For those looking for a bump 600 mg per week can be successfully used, nevertheless, this is only recommended to users who have used this hormone before and users who have an understand of how their bodies will react and how well they can tolerate this powerful Nandrolone; nonetheless, many will find 400 mg to be all they ever need, despite how experienced they are.

Irrespective of how much or how long you supplement with Deca-Durabolin you’ll need to run a proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) plan following use; failure in doing so may result in continued suppression of natural testosterone production. Also, because this is such a long-acting steroid a proper PCT plan should not begin until at least 3-weeks have passed since your last injection of the growth hormone. For this reason, many users will discontinue all Deca Durabolin use a week or two before the end of the total cycle in order to ease into a PCT plan more efficiently; the sooner users can enter PCT the greater the benefits enjoyed as recovery process begins shortly.

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