Winstrol – Is old Winny still that good?

WINSTROL – but you can call me Stanozolol

In 1959, Winstrol was created and was one of the very first anabolic steroids derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Winthrop Laboratories was the first company to release Winstrol on prescription, but the company was later acquired by U.S. Sterling for manufacture and distribution.

bodybuilding winny imageAlthough marketed as Winstrol, the active ingredient was Stanozolol, which was approved by the FDA as safe for use with humans. At the time, Stanozolol (as we know, an anabolic steroid under the brand name of Winstrol) could easily be found. Nevertheless, there were changes and the FDA introducing strict standards requiring manufacturers to prove the benefits provided by their drugs, Winstrol steroids included. By 1970, there was a restriction on possible claims that could be made by manufacturers of Winstrol by the FDA allowing Winstrol to be promoted only as an added therapy for Pituitary Dwarfism and Osteoporosis, as there was no basis for the other claims made by the manufacturers.

Regardless of further data and proof submitted by Sterling, the FDA refused to allow Winstrol to be marketed for the earlier medical conditions, it had claimed to treat, and by 1980 Winstrol was even removed as a treatment for pituitary as better growth medications had become available. By 1983, license was withdrawn for the use of Winstrol tablets as a treatment for aplastic anaemia (a later addition) and Osteoporosis. Pills of Winstrol for sale were still available in 2010 where it was marketed as a treatment for hereditary angioedema. By 2010, Winstrol was withdrawn completely by Lundbeck the last manufacturer having the license.

The FDA haven’t removed the license for Winstrol usage in the United States if provided via a prescription. In as much as, Winstrol is no longer used in the United States for humans, the use of Winstrol as a drug remains valuable for veterinary purposes. Regardless, it’s used to stimulate muscle growth, increased red blood cell count and appetite.

Can it be taken on its own?

There are some really significant benefits obtained from Winstrol when it is stacked with other drugs, although it can be used in a Winstrol cycle alone. Having no water retention, and arguably providing the best results for lean muscle and performance enhancement, Winstrols effect alone on the cutting cycle can be marvelous.

Nonetheless, there exists some negative effect in using Winstrol alone. When Winny is used alone, great risk of liver and hepatic load problems occur. Lower doses of Winstrol can be used in a stack, thus reducing possible toxic effects on the liver. Other issues with the use of Winstrol alone is that it increases the LDL in cholesterol significantly and is enhanced with greater dose levels. Using Winstrol Depot alone may adversely affect cholesterol levels. The potential side-effects of Winstrol do not mean it shouldn’t be used alone, however proper caution should be exercised in its use.

winstrol single Bottle imageSide-Effects of Winstrol

Perfected for cutting-cycles by its improvement of conditioning, and perfect for the performance of athletes by the manner with which it increases strength, it has lead millions of individual to supplement with this powerful hormone. It is a well-tolerated hormone; Winstrol is one of the few anabolic steroids used by both men and women. Nevertheless, there are side effects that we must be made aware of to remain safe throughout its use. Like all side-effects, Stanozolol’s side effects are not set in stone. A few of its effects are genetically based, and some (along with the genetically based), are largely dose dependent. There are two main adverse reactions one can expect to occur in all, however thankfully with responsible usage, we can stave-off any damage.

Possible Stanozolol Side Effects

There exist three (3) Winstrol side effects, although being very, the effects are, by no means, guaranteed. First, Winstrol can very much raise LDL cholesterol levels of its users. Although total dosing plays a part (besides genetic pre-disposition) to high cholesterol, for a healthy adult it can be very much controlled. If already you’re suffering from high cholesterol you shouldn’t touch this hormone and probably keep a distance to all anabolic steroids. In protecting your cholesterol levels, supplement with reasonable doses is a must. Many men may never have to go above 50 mg per day, and many women may also never have to go above 20 mg each day.

Two other Winstrol or Stanozolol side effects that may occur include acne and hair-loss. Both cases of these two side effects are very much genetically dependent. Those who lose hair due to the use of Stanozolol were going to lose their hair to begin with; supplementation of Winstrol simply speeds up the process. You shouldn’t experience hair-loss if you’re not pre-disposed to male pattern baldness. Same can largely be said of acne, as those pre-disposed to acne may experience this problem. If this is a problem for you one which you can’t control, it’s advisable you keep your distance to this hormone. Nevertheless, unlike hair-loss, there’s a reasonable line of defense. It’s very important that you Keep your skin extra clean, ensuring change of shirt any time it becomes sweaty, as break-outs commonly occur on the shoulders and backs. Also very important, ensure your product is of high-quality in nature and free of contamination.

Side-Effects of Winstrol on the Liver

Winstrol belongs to the C17-Alpha Alkylated family of anabolic steroids. This means there is an alteration of the hormone structurally at the position of the 17th carbon to ensure it survives its first pass through the liver. Also without this change to its structure the hormone would most likely be destroyed before it’s useful; which makes it toxic to the liver. Regardless of the form in which Stanozolol is used, injectable or oral, both forms are of a C17-AA nature. However, when supplementing with this steroid the liver enzyme value increases, and the increase may be quite dramatic. If you’re a heavy drinker, you shouldn’t use this steroid; in fact, it isn’t a bad idea to layoff all alcohol when using Stanozolol. Furthermore, since Winstrol isn’t as toxic as most over the counter drugs, because of daily usage it’s best to avoid as many over the counter drugs as possible.

While toxicity in the liver is unavoidable due to the hormones nature, there’s still a bit of good in this as once the use of Winny is discontinued, assuming the user has been responsible, the liver enzyme levels returns to normal. The liver is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable organs in the body with rejuvenating capabilities. However, if one is irresponsible with the use of Winstrol the user may indeed do some serious damage. Also, if one is irresponsible with the use of Stanozolol, the user may have problems with other Stanozolol side effects, especially with cholesterol as discussed above.

Winstrol Side Effects on Testosterone

There are two Stanozolol side effects that are related to testosterone and also interconnected. When we supplement with the hormone, natural testosterone formation is suppressed. As a result, most male users who supplement with Winny will most likely supplement with some form or type of exogenous testosterone. The form is, however irrelevant so long as your body receives the right testosterone it needs.

Yes, we did say there are two side effects related to testosterone, the first being suppression of testosterone and the second being testicular atrophy. Since testosterone is produced in the testicles, when suppressed the testicles simply atrophy. However, they do not shrink and disappear; in fact, in most cases the difference may not be that noticeable. When speaking of testicular atrophy, we’re referring to the testicles losing some or part of its fullness. When the use of all anabolic steroids is discontinued and all hormones exit the system, natural testosterone formation begins again, and the testicles returns to their initial size.

Administration of Winstrol

Winstrol is a very flexible anabolic steroid providing different options for use. Winstrol can be taken via injection and orally to achieve optimal results. The before and after results of Winstrol are considered to be identical in both injectable and oral forms, and the side-effects are similar too. Nevertheless, there’s a difference in price, with the depot Stanozolol being more expensive, almost double the cost. Injectable steroids are oily however, depot Winstrol is water based; there has been reports suggesting that depot Winstrol can be much painful compared to most injectable drugs. Also, there’s a liquid form of Winstrol although its efficacy isn’t entirely proven. Individuals using this form of steroid typically hold the liquid form under the tongue for 20 seconds or less to heighten bio-availability. However, the injectable form of Winny presented as a liquid isn’t suitable for oral consumption.


The dosage of Winstrol is much narrower than most other anabolic steroids, though with less variance. Oral cycles of Winstrol typically start at around 50 mg which are very effective. Dose may be increased to 100 mg squeeze the maximum results, however, doing this for a full six-week cycle is very much risky and may most-likely lead to hepatic side-effects. Many athletes adopt the use of Winstrol at 50 mg for four-weeks, and later upping the dose to 100 mg in the last fort-night of a cycle. Using Winstrol this way maximizes the intended result for body-builders without increasing the risk to the liver. The recommended dosage for women is much lower, just 10-20 mg per day. Athletes outside body-building looking for performance improvement without muscle gains will also supplement at a much lower dose.

Typical cost

Since the drug isn’t legally purchased for sporting and recreational use in the United States, it’s only possible to buy Winstrol from the black-market. Stanozolol for sale comes in two forms: injectable Winstrol and oral Winstrol. Prices of Winstrol depend on which form you intend to buy; both are readily purchased online. Stanozolol tablets for sale comes in strengths of 10 mg or 50 mg. Oral Winstrol for sale may cost more than $150 for a full 6-week supply of 50 mg. Injectable form of Winstrol is more expensive, and may cost $300 or more for the full 6-week cycle.

Legality of Purchase and Usage in the US

Anabolic steroids are classified in the United States as Schedule-III-drugs under the Controlled Substances Act. Schedule-III-drugs are considered to be less potentially abused compared to drugs named under Schedules-I and Schedule-II. However, they still hold the potential for either physical or psychological dependence. Anabolic steroids such as Stanozolol, are legal in the United States only when obtained from a physician for a medical cause. “Recreational” use, like improving muscle mass, is not an accepted legal use and physicians can’t write a prescription on this basis. In countries such as the UK, Winstrol is a Class C drug. Also, this is similar to the US, except in the UK selling is illegal, although it’s legal to own it in the UK. The US has a much stricter stance, making possession illegal as well. A big problem with illegal drugs is that you’re never really sure if you just bought some kind of fake concoction!

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